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Originally Posted by Ardis ➡️
So that makes it OK to take SlyFy's product name and slap it on a competing product? I don't know how you'd feel if I took your song and said I wrote it... Hey everyone does it right? Same musical notes, chords and all..... Yikes!
That analogy doesn't work. These two products have the same NAME not the same content. As a matter of fact, many different songs have the same exact name. Just go to and search under any song title and you're likely to see lots of different songs with the same title written by different people.

However, if SlyFy had registered "Pusher" as a copyrighted product name, they could probably sue. But that registration is a pain in the ass so maybe Greg didn't do it or thinks people can figure out the difference between the two so it's not a big deal.