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Before the break-in my alpha 80 focal lacked musicality in medium and punch in the bass sounded worse than roded logitech 2.1 at 50 buck hhaha. But now after being a little lapped (5 months because I do not listen to music often just week end i have student neighboors) and evenwith the two tweeters scratched with mini USB cable they are excellent and the bass outperforms as nightclub speakers it's amazing. Their point is actually the dynamic music and rich bass sounds club exactly what I was looking for. I almost bought the yamaha but I'm French and the yamaha do not go down as low I'm happy to have chosen focal. I use it with hifi setting by setting the buttons behind

Only there is a little lack of precision because the 8-inch driver smothers the medium but nothing serious

I'm just casual listener for the moment but i want create beats and instrumental with that incredible tool ! The audient ID14 is excelent I spilled coca cola and water on it and yet it works perfectly

Long live to gearslutz and thank you for your precious advices