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Hello Cosmic_Spaces

Its pretty much the same concept as normal analog style subtractive synthesis in the end...4 oscs (partials) that go through a filter (if you use the saw/square waves) and some envelopes modulatable by a bunch of LFO’s. These oscs/partials can either be an analog style Square/Saw wave with PWM or one of 100 digital PCM wave sample fragments.

Some tips hmmmm…

Just concentrate on structures 1 and 6 in the beginning (1 = Synth + Synth, 6 = PCM + PCM)...start with 1 osc/partial on (mute the others)....add another slowly step by step

L.A synthesis has some real deep expressive modulation possibilities - aftertouch and velocity is assignable/modulatable to a lot of stuff so a good keyboard with aftertouch and velocity is a must imo

a cool ‘hack’ to get a filter sound over the PCM waves (which don’t go through the normal TVF)by means of the parametric mid sweep EQ with some subtle nice filter effects:
Set the D50’s High EQ gain & Q to max - now you can get a mid filter-sweep effect by changing the FREQ Frequency with the joystick.