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Originally Posted by UltimateOutsider ➡️
I'm a Windows user, and when working on my most recent project in Cubase Pro 9.0 I had to bump the sample buffer on my interface from 256 to 512 samples in order to avoid pops and glitches in my audio and I'm only half-finished with the track. It made me remember this thread and wonder if Cubase 9 was a step backward in terms of performance, so I ended up doing some benchmarks between versions 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, and 9.0, both with and without ASIO-Guard (where available).

Short answer: Cubase 8.5 with ASIO-Guard enabled performed best overall, and Cubase 9.0 with ASIO-Guard enabled was second-best. With ASIO-Guard disabled, Cubase 9.0 was the worst of the bunch (but not by too much).

I have full details and test/scoring procedure at this post: Comparing DAW Performance of Recent Cubase Versions on Windows.
Thanks. Seems like a well executed test! Could be interesting if you post it in the Cubase forum here on GS.

Another take away seems to be that there is no situation where it makes sense to turn off asio guard. It's not always an improvement, but it never makes things worse.