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Would like to do this.
But going to Mouser there is a myriad of choices and I have no idea what to buy. The filters confuse this newbie.
If someone could assist it would be really appreciated.
For R2: 10k metalfilm resistor Panasonic 10 kOhms Resistors there are 2 options:

For C1: Looking at the Wima as recommended above (polycarbonate cap - Non polarized) there are 3 pages of options:

For R3 and R4: Meta film 10k - Panasonic there are 4 options:

R105 and R 106: Vishay 200k Meta film resistors. Vishay has axial. Panasonic does not seem to have axial.

And for C72 and C73: Vishay 10pF:

And I may well be off the mark with these links.
In that case, if anyone buys the parts online, please post the links here.

Again any help would be much appreciated.