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Originally Posted by Fleaman ➡️
All the clone manufactures 'say' that.

IMO you're not gonna be true to the original unless you have a original marinair lo1166 output tranny in there. None of the cloned trannys seemed to have nailed it...yet.

It's very likely the 1073 UAD modeled had a lo1166 tranny in it.

So no clone will sound like the the 1073 UAD used.
That may be true, but having the Stam SA73 and the Unison 73 available, the Stam is a whole other thing, way more harmonic and interesting. It has the solidity of a Neve low end, but the highs are sweet and shimmery without being attenuated. My friend has the Great River preamp, and it's a fantastic piece, but I prefer the Stam. I don't really care if it's an exact reproduction, I do know that Stam makes every effort to really get the sound right where some other manufacturers get the sound to be "in the style of" if you get what I mean.

I've only used a real Neve a few times in studios, so I'm relying on memory, but the Stam definitely reminds me of how I felt using the Neve.

I'm a UAD fan and longtime supporter, but as nice as the Unison tech is, and as good as UAD is at making high quality plug-ins, it ain't nowhere near the real deal IMO. I don't care how many videos get made "proving" otherwise, in my room, with my ears, they're quite different.

I like the UAD 1073, but would never use it if I have access to the Stam or the Great River. Where it could prove helpful is if I ever need to track more instruments, at least the UAD 1073 will be in the same sonic ballpark as the hardware version. If I'm ever on the road and need to track something, they could come in quite handy.