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Originally Posted by FreeRanger ➡️
If the apollo twin had optical out, I could satisfy my need for the kick drum with two channels of ua conversion. lol

Yes, that would be great for me as well..
Couple of times I though about use of Twin for various tasks with other DAW systems simply for its DSP plugins during tracking or monitoring and possibly also I/Os.. effect processor for good sounding reverbs, compressors, amp-sims and nowadays also real-time Autotune (I know ), Sphere microphone sim etc.
All with fixed latency and no stress with low buffer for main DAW.
It's pity, there's no digital output for interfacing to other interfaces or converters I have (I'm pretty happy with RME, Orion, SSL..), otherwise I might be very nice (also due to its handy smaller form factor).

Maybe sometimes I'll look for used larger silverfaced Apollo, just for that mis-use.. FW models are sometimes abandoned and could be for very good money.