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Originally Posted by DiggingForRoots ➡️
Are the knobs really any bigger on the behringer than the roland? It looks like they are exactly the same size to me.

The behringer definitely sounds more moogy but the se-02 has patch storage which is a must for me in 2017.
The Behringer Unit is a bit larger and has less knobs and buttons meaning they are spaced farther apart

The main issue with the SE-02 is the the tiny knobs are so close together they are hard to turn without bumping into other knobs

watch what happens with this reviewer just after the 2 minute mark, he has to stop playing to adjust a knob and almost knocks the unit over bumping one knob while turning another, you can hear the frustration in his voice

I own every Volca, a couple Monotribes, every Monotron, a bunch of synths with minikeys, I even own other Roland Boutique Gear, I'm used to small gear with small keys and knobs, but the SE-02 looks like a frustrating user experience