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Here for the gear
Originally Posted by neier ➡️
Hi Joel,

I seem to remember you talking on Tapeop a few years ago about pushing things like gain plugins to extreme lengths in order to get interesting artefacts, and other similar techniques. Have you developed any unusual methods with the UAD stuff?

Hi there!
There are techniques that I constantly try to refine every time I record something-- which thankfully is like every single day.
The stuff I do works quite well with the UAD stuff because it responds well to creative usage.
The fact that the UA stuff combined with outboard gear and a console is such a great unique sound but also I can count on the UAD 660 working every day and not freaking out and sounding different on day 2 of a mix... is truly amazing.
Also the unison stuff has been a thing that freaks me out in a good way: put a 610 up on the horns and let it RIP into the converter and what I got was a sound that brought Vintage goodness to mind rather than "oops I clipped the crap out of this one" to mind.
Also I will run an internal sux in protools sometimes and use the BX20 UAD plug coming out of a pair of channels, using it like a hardware return, A LOT. I will EQ the return on the channels on my console (like a high pass or whatever) and it just feels so alive--- there is something great about those verbs that goes beyond the obvious modeling stuff...