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Originally Posted by juniorhifikit ➡️
Unison actually changes Apollo's hardware to interact with the microphone, as well as controlling the gain sweet-spot, so you get spot-on emulations of the classic preamps it's modeling. You can check out how well this works in this video with Jacquire King:

Jacquire’s Shoot Out: Vintage Analog Hardware vs. Apollo & Unison Plug-Ins. - Blog - Universal Audio

No other interface comes close.

As for latency of other preamps plugged into Apollo via ADAT, it's entirely dependent on that external preamp's converter latency.
hi scott, that brings a question to mind .. if there are two different converters when using the ADAT input (Apollo & insert ADAT converter here) then should we still adhere to NOT multi-miking across 2 different converters or there might be a timing issue ??

and how does UA deal with this using the 4-710 D pres/converter attached to the ADAT input ??

thx john