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Originally posted by thethrillfactor
Not all speakers are created equal.
These free standing speakers deal with the problems of early reflections the best that i've heard:
They are pretty flat sounding, but don't sound boring.
The figure-8 radiation pattern of a dipole can help with side wall reflections, but not with front wall reflections. And if you download my wall bounce calculator, you'll see that front and side wall reflections cause response ripples well above 1kHz for a 43cm wide cabinet. These dipole woofers only go up to 200Hz. So these speakers deal with about 3 octaves of midbass and midrange response no better than a normal enclosed speaker. Finally, dipoles have a natural 6dB/octave bass response drop due to front/rear wave cancellation. This requires a low pass compensation filter to flatten the response. Which means very high power consumption and extremely large driver excursions. The net result is lower sensitivity and higher bass distortion.

I've never heard these speakers, and they might be good products, but they certainly have their tradeoffs.

No matter how you cut it, soffit mounting results in the fewest compromises.