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Originally Posted by ZEF ➡️
the Expander can help reduce background noises without the severe extreme of the Gate chopping effect of severe closed/open gate. The Expander can slightly remove the background noise, attenuating a lower db signal and passes a louder db signal, for example removes background noise while it leaves the announcers voice untouched. (easier said than done) Expanders are amazing inventions only if you need one.

You can hear poor use of Gates on Radio and TV commercials and recordings sometimes when the person talks this loud background noise rushes in with the voice and then chops to dead silent sounding horrible and artificial. An Expander can reduce only the lower db noise floor and leaves the louder signal natural and untouched. A compressor would make the lower signal louder= not wanted! in certain applications.

Hardware- Tracking
I think some of the pro-units like the Symetrix 528/628 etc..Aphex and others seem to have better Expanders because their professional audience of customers are live on TV or live radio on-air or Live Reporting on the you might want a really good expander on the live signal mic as it can almost eliminate the background noises without effecting the narrating voice/mic signal.

Software- Tracking
Ive a plug-in for example of a not so great expander that blurs the Voice signal as it reduces the background noise, not horrifically but its not as good as my hardware Symetrix Expander.

Software- Mixing later.... a person can sit and remove all the background noise many other ways ITB.

Do you need one? Whats the idle noise DB of your background?
I know in my place with a sensitive condenser mic, the pc fan can get sounding loud, the air conditioner 50 ft away sounds like its under my chair and the fan thats not heard with the naked ear becomes a airplane cessna fan blade volume... a Expander can really help in this situation almost reducing it all and suddenly its like you have this silent studio room, pretty amazing really.

add, imo, they could have named it better like "background noise attenuater"
Brilliant; you said it better than what I was thinking prior to reading your post.