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Old 24th February 2004
Originally posted by dave-G
I don't know who designed the room, but Emily Lazar's "The Lodge" mastering room in NYC seems to have a pair of soffited Dunlavy SM-1's up on the wall (thelodge.com). It might be worth a call or an email to see if she'd be willing to talk to you about what/how/why she did that. Otherwise, I can't think of any mastering suites based around soffited monitoring.

Not to say that proves anything in terms of the advisability of your idea. . . [shrug]

Good luck,
Those aren't Dunlavy's but the older Duntech's PCL-5's which orignally were wall mounted speakers(early 80's).

Its a different sound than the SM1's(which i personally use).

She mostly uses her Genelecs 1031's though for most of her mastering duties.