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The MKH8000 series sounds smooth like it's been mastered

As far as neutral is concerned I'd say the MKH40 would be more neutral than the MKH8040. My friend has the MKH40 and it sounds neutral much like my pair of MKH30's. I have the MKH8040 and 8020 and and both are a bit colored to me, the bass on the 8040 is slightly indistinct while the bass on the 8020 is on the muddy side and the top end seems slightly muted. Definitely should have bought the MKH20 instead. The newer series are full bodied but have color something like Schoeps or Neumann. Sennheiser probably went in this direction because of criticism of the old series being to clinical and boring sounding, they made a mistake especially with the Omni but I'm generally pleased with the 8040.