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Originally Posted by noisyboy9 ➡️
Hi Guys,

Is anyone out there using these for location recording?, I'm curious to know if the Pre's match up to the old Midas stuff before they were taken over? Or maybe just as a summing mixer with external pre?

Don't seem to be many reviews or users of it on the web!
Pretty much straight ahead low end stuff. When you talk about Midas you have to draw the distinction between things like the XL 4 and the Verona. The higher end Midas are transformered and offer good sound in an analogue console. It should be pointed out there are not Neve suitcase, but then they are not that sort of money per channel. The XL4 is impractical for moving as it's a 4-6 man lift, fine for concert touring with a road crew, location classical recording, not so.