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Originally posted by oudplayer
I also seem to remember there being issues with low-frequency response (which can be boosted by up to 6db), which some monitors compensate for with a switchable low-cut or low-shelving filter that's meant to be used when soffit mounted. In speaker designs lacking such a filter, you'd probably need to run the signal through a filter prior to the amplification, otherwise it's going to be boomy....
This is called half-massing by some. Some soffit speakers are mounted with the wall surface being made of hard material, like heavy plywood. In this case, the (omnidirectional) bass from the speaker is broken in half and reflects more bass energy out into the room. Oudplayer is right, the bass can be 6dB louder than freestanding. In my old studio, I had a pair of Tannoy system 12's that didn't sound right in the room unless they WERE mounted in the wall, but I think it was a fluke.

I've seen another studio that uses material-covered fiberglass boards around the speakers instead of a hard wall. The bass was flatter, but I didn't like the high end. It sounded kinda pinched.

In this studio, my ADAM's are freestanding, and I won't be going back to soffits. It's not as exciting as a well loaded wall, but it's much more accurate.

FWIW, Emily Lazar's room is the only well known ME I know of that has speakers in her wall.