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wow, thanks Roland. i thought soffit-mounting would be a win-win. but it seems like it could be a win-lose (tradeoffs involved).

i have noticed many mastering guys (most?) using non-soffit mounted arrangements.

a few weeks ago i heard a floor-standing set of audiophile speakers that i fell in love with. i listened to tracks i know and respect, and the music sounded great. the balance was perfect. the sound was revealing without being harsh, the stereo image was gorgeous, and the speakers "dissolved" into the background. the bass was tight and punchy without being thin.

but i've been telling myself i will make mixing mistakes in a non-soffit situation due to time-align/diffraction issues.

but maybe i *can* give myself the green light on this setup afterall. what's more, these speakers were setup in a room very similar to the one i will be building in terms of shape, dimensions, furniture.

i'd love if a few more people in-the-know could chime in and tell me it's ok to do a non-soffit solution for critical listening/mastering.
i'm a chicken on this because i don't want to do it wrong.