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Old 23rd February 2004
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soffit mounting speakers for mastering

hello everyone,

i'm not sure if i picked the right subset of gearslutz, so my apologies if i'm in the wrong place for this.

i'm planning to build a listening/mixing/mastering room. i was thinking about pursuing a soffit mounted approach. does anybody have an opinion on this?

i plan to build a Tom Hidley-style, floated room within a room. with lots of trapping and broadband absorbtion. i'm into detail more than ambience, so this suits me.

somebody on the chatroom was saying that soffit-mounting is a waste of time unless you have a big room. but i can't see why that would make any difference.

i'm looking to do a 9.8x13.3 with a 7ft average ceiling, taking the slope into account (interior dimensions). i know this is kind of tiny, but it will adhere to the 1:1.4:1.9 ratio and i plan to do the best i can to control room modes with trapping, slot resonators, etc.

the reason i'm interested in sofft-mounting is that everything from the front comes at you time-aligned, rather than rear speaker radiation blending in out of phase, causing comb filter distortion and phase issues.