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Originally Posted by craspler ➡️
Do any of these hold a candle to the Kemper? I know this is a thread specifically about software but am curious if the TH3 or the best software comes close?
Well, I haven't owned a Kemper, so I'm not sure. But you can at least download some of them for free and try them out, like Peavey Revalver 4. You can try out all the Amplitube 4 amps/effects for free for 3 days, but of course you have to purchase the software itself upfront. I love the Mesa Boggie MkIV in Amplitube 4. I would purchase the software just for this amp itself. To me, Amplitube 4 is better than TH3.

What I would do is try out Peavey Revalver first because it's free; installs in no time. All the amps/effects are included, it just has a random beep that goes off once in a while to prevent you from recording with it until you buy the full version. But for jamming, there's really no need to purchase it; the beep only goes off like every couple of minutes it seems.