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Originally Posted by Madcat5 ➡️
Strange, I have Cubase and have not had any problems using Revalver. I haven't really messed with it since updating from Cubase 8 to Pro but I'll try it when I get home.
@ RustyShackleford : Are you one of those people that can't "Seem" to get Revalver to work in other DAW's? They have a demo you know.
I'm wondering why you put "seem" is in quotations, and I'm confused by your question in general, since I pointed out that I didn't yet have Revalver. So how would I be one of those people that can't get it to work when I didn't have it yet? Just curious, no big deal. At the time I posted that, I had not yet downloaded Revalver, nor did I know there was a demo. I had only read a bunch of posts from people who couldn't get it to work with Cubase, Logic, etc..

Anyway, now I have the demo and it works great with Cubase. Thanks for checking.