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Originally Posted by wtg ➡️
He is mainly interested in learning the ins and outs of recording and producing music with a long term goals of owning his own studio, representing artists and establishing himself as a music label.
One thing that strikes me on rereading this, is that in this one sentence alone, you've referenced several very distinct areas of the music industry. Learning to record music well enough to be a professional engineer takes years of training, hard work and talent. But that's a very different career path from 'representing artists', which requires zero audio-engineering skills, but a whole host of other business and networking skills. And the jumping off point for either one is very, very different. Likewise, owning a studio and running a label aren't - usually - two stops on the same career track. Obviously he has many, many years to find his path, and you can't plot it out from the get go - but at the same time, before investing time and money, I think both of you need to be a lot clearer about, for instance, whether your grandson wants to be actively engaged in the business of making recordings, as an engineer/producer, or whether he really wants to be at the business running end of things. Because there's a whole world of difference between them, and the skills, training etc to become successful at them. (And just to pre-empt being jumped on by fellow GS, I know there are any number of examples of people who migrated their success from, say, playing to producing to setting up a label. Most of these people, it turns out, didn't take courses in either producing or label owning - though many DID have music lessons. But if one is looking at putting a chunk of upfront change into education in one of these areas, then it would make sense to be as clear as possible about where one's interest - and abilities - really lie.)