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Just skip to the end if it's too much to read lol, really need help on this one.
Here’s my two cents.
1. Being that much in debt will ruin your grandson’s 20s (and maybe even his 30s). Depends on what your grandson can afford or is willing to do without. For instance, maybe his folks promised him a car when he graduated high school. If he can do without that car and have them apply that money to his tuition then the price of that car is the upper limit I would consider.
2. I graduated from the Recording Connection a few years back. I had a great mentor and a great experience. I imagine my take on it would be different if I had a crappy mentor, but you DO get to agree to your mentor before you enroll. Make sure you are satisfied with the mentor they recommend, ask them everything you need to know before deciding you want them as your teacher. So yes, that might be part of the reason for the wide disparity in their reviews.
3. Degrees really don’t count for much, if anything. Sometimes they can even work against you. You know how Dentists and Doctors always have their diplomas on their walls. I’ve never seen an audio engineer display a diploma. I have seen many of them display Gold and Platinum Records on their walls however. It’s all about the work you’ve done and the contacts you’ve established.

Finally, I wish your grandson lots of luck. Tell him for me that overnight successes take ten years to happen, and that he will have to hustle his butt off to get through those ten years, but if he truly loves what he’s doing and works real hard, he will be a happy man.
Since you graduated from Recording connection did you actually got the job you worked so hard for?
Because im 18 and im wondering if i should go to this school or not..