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Advice Sought

Not trying to over post (this is my second and final post of this reply to thread) but it seems there are two active pages on this subject and I want to get as much info and experience based advice from people like you who are the industry. Thanks.

I’m looking for some advice. My grandson is looking to pursue a career in music. He is mainly interested in learning the ins and outs of recording and producing music with a long term goals of owning his own studio, representing artists and establishing himself as a music label. From all I can see he has passion and is willing to work hard on something he loves.

We are looking into Full Sail, CRAS, Musicians Institute, LA Recording and the Recording Connection. The first four would require him to take out pretty substantial student loans. The last one is attractively priced.

My initial questions are:
1. Does it make sense to be some $60,000 to $100,000 in student loan debt versus the income he would likely generate once he graduates? How much would you say is the upper limit on tuition we should be looking at?
2. Does anyone have any experience with any of these schools? Most of them seem to be classroom, or semi-classroom based with on campus studios. Recording Connection says they put you into commercial recording studios. This reminds me a lot of my college experience—I went to Antioch College which had a work/study approach to education. There could be some hit or miss. The good work experiences were awesome. The bad ones were garbage. Would this suggest that the choice of mentor explains the wide variance in their reviews?
3. How necessary is a degree vs. a certificate in the real world? Are jobs based on this or on actual work experience and demo reels?

Any suggestions or thoughts are greatly appreciated, especially from any RECENT alumni of any of the above mentioned schools. My grandson currently lives in the Los Angeles area if that makes a difference.