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Again !
Making a new and better 3 VCO mono synth has nothing to do with Moog and copyright - so stop it right now.

A Minimoog is special because of just few things it has that the other monos don't.
1. Somewhere between and including oscillator mixer and the filter - that is where the main timbre enhancing "magic" happens.
2. Fast and clipped envelopes - should be easy to replicate in digital if you add a very short sustain stage between A and D - Synapse Audio did it already in their The Legend VSTi.

  • 3 VCOs (1 of them can act as a LFO, because a real VCO is mandatory for high quality audio rate modulation).
  • Mixer with noise, external in and overdrive.
  • 2 digital LFOs from DM12.
  • 3 digital AS1DS2R envelopes with curve editing taken from DM12, loopable like on SUB37.
  • Small mod matrix from DM12.
  • 12/24dB low pass.
  • Small desktop module and/or portable with SlimPhatty style many buttons plus 1 knob and 1 numerical display UI (and a fully featured and knobbed software/VST editor) - lets save a lot of $ there, because the sound is what is most important.
  • External PSU (unless you determine that internal has a considerably big impact on the "magic").
And don't go overboard with the design, we don't need a monster like Arturia Matrixbrute, just a small mono with great sound and not too many features.