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In the end, people moaning about a Model D costing too much have got to realise that a Kia isn't necessarily less well made than a BMW. You pay for the name but also for product development. BMW engines for instance used to always win awards (not sure if they still do as I'm not as much of a car nerd as I was once), and I doubt Kias engines have ever been any more than their view on existing tech.

That doesn't mean that a Kia can't be exactly the car you need. It can also just be the car you can afford, you lose a bit of prestige, a bit of style , a bit of performance etc but you're still avoiding the bus.

Does a 116i cost twice as much to produce as a Cee'd 1.6? I doubt it, but I don't hear anyone bawling that BMW should halve their prices. If anything the people that do have the money enjoy the prestige status and would drift away to Mercedes if BMW were to suddenly become affordable for everyone.

Now change Kia to Behringer, BMW to Moog, and Mercedes to DSI.

Just accept that Moogs are expensive. I can't afford a Model D either. That's not Moog's fault, it's mine for not finishing school and not being career minded as I'd rather try and make it as a musician. But then again I wouldn't be any happier working in a suit and tie job for 50 hrs a week with a barely used Model D in my basement, as I am now rocking out with Microbrutes and Microkorgs...

That's life init