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Originally Posted by fiddlestickz ➡️
All I know is I would love a Mini Moog, who wouldn't, but simply could never justify $5000, with a wife and two kids and both us working blue collar jobs to make ends meet it would be an insanely selfishly thing to do, even if we could source the money somehow. My studio is pieced together from much smaller cost things that have been recycled over and over again often at a loss just to obtain funds to add to savings to get something new.

If someone came along and offered me a cheap alternative that did not affect our household budget in such a negative way then why shouldn't I try that option. This is a democracy and we live under capitalism, in nearly every other corner of life there are cheaper alternatives to expensive items, they rarely if ever have effect on the sales of these expensive ''el primo" goods so why is electronic music any different..?
We all spend our money differently. It cetainly doesn't make you a better parent because you spend your money that way.

Some prefer not to spend on small cost items and save for higher cost items.

In my experience things I've had to save and wait for tend to be more special to me. That does not make me a better or worse person.