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Originally Posted by fiddlestickz ➡️
Look as I said earlier I don't think a cheap Model D desktop clone would have any impact on Moog the brand or people who want to pay that money for a Moog, people will always support brands they align themselves with. Tbh I don't believe half of what these manufactures say about making these things by hand, in fact I'm almost sure most are machine made and there is just some light final assembly and testing, they call this being hand made and people fall over themselves to spend wild amounts of money because they believe it was 'hand made'.. a mate of mine actually has a Mini and took some pics of the pcb and claims most of the innards are machine made...I'm not that tech savy but these are the pics of his Mini he sent me..
I would say if they were going to have a machine make it those boards would be 90% surface mount components with a sprinkling of through hole. Those pics show full size chunky carbon film resistors, full size transistors (from a limited supply of NOS ones?), polystyrene caps? Probably the reason why the new Minimoog sounds like the old ones.

Edit: the bean styled resistors are Vishay-Dale CMF60, expensive metal film ones. Looks very similar to the old Minimoog