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Originally Posted by patrickdafunk ➡️
I agree. But he (Uli Behringer) said this:

'Frankly, I never understood why someone would charge you US$ 4,000 for a MiniMoog, when the components just cost around US$ 200.'

That's quite a bold thing to say. It would be a big F-U to the great folks at Moog to bring out a 50 - 100 dollar Behringer Model D.
People are really ungrounded when it comes to the costs of product design and actually releasing one. Behringer won't get anywhere near $50, $200, or $500 because they want to not lose money.

Uli is definitely feeding into the myth with marketing statements like those, which is a bit off putting. He's telling people what they want to hear and not making promises he intends on keeping.

That's pretty trashy.