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Originally Posted by Justin Frankel ➡️
...I guess I value function over beauty...

As any good programmer should! And before I say any more I would like to express how wonderful it is to have an incredibly compact, versatile, well-programmed, inexpensive piece of software available to the general public! I can't believe how close you've come to a commercially viable alternative to "the big boys". Seriously, well done!

On to my question. To be honest, the biggest reason I haven't switched to Reaper (from Sonar) is due to some of the GUI issues: specifically, the menus. As a programmer (and a musician!), it's hard to step back from your creation and look at it from a "complete n00b's" point of view. For me, the menus could use a more intuitive organizational scheme. I tried Reaper for a couple of days and, while the tracking itself was a breeze and rock-solid, it took a fair amount of time to set up and, once I tried editing a bit, I found myself spending more time navigating odd menus than actually working.

I know you've stated that the actual features and inner-workings of the program are your top priority (wish the boys at MS felt the same way hah!), I'm supremely convinced that with a little bit of GUI work, Reaper would definitely find it's way into my studio permanently!