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The new Fender 2 pack for Amplitube is great. That, the latest Marshalls and the Mesa pack are streets ahead of anything else in Amplitube. The Fender 2 clean sounds are probably the best I've ever heard itb. TH3 leaves me cold personally, but so does the remaining 85% of Amplitube.

For me, S-Gear, Destructor and Thermionik trounce the competition. Destructor can be hard at first because of the options, but I nailed a tone that left my jaw on the floor tonight, so it is worth the effort. The touch sensitivity, as with S-Gear, is amazing!

And if you want your face to be melted off, lightly seasoned with fire and brimstone and fed back to you.......via your ass, then you owe yourself to check out Thermionik.