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Old 23rd April 2007
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Originally Posted by Fuzzhead ➡️
Hi Justin, good to see you here!

I'm curious about a few features /direction I haven't seen discussed: you plan to get that up to post stage in future versions? I know there's a few users from Vegas who might be worried considering how Vegas went regarding audio, so I'm guessing audio will take priority first. But, if I get into video in the future, I'd prefer to stick with Reaper.

Also on that note, do you plan to have add-on packs for larger features like video, to keep the install size down?

Audio Quantizing...have you any plans to expand on this, say mapping grids to freetime tunes or beatslicing/shuffling tricks? The way you can edit drums in Reaper now is awesome btw. I'd like to see the best features of Beat Detective, BeatQuantizer and LiveSlice added if possible.

Our plans for video are limited to how video is now, only working better.. none of that video editing.

Having add-on packs for features just means more work for updating things, so as long as we can keep the installer within reason (say, under 10mb), I think we'll stick monolithic..

Regarding audio quantizing, we'll see... There's a lot we can do for simple workflow enhancement and compatibility that is taking higher priority for now...