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Originally Posted by PassionFlower ➡️
Glad to see that the UAD Fender Tweed made the list! That is by far the best amp sim plugin I've heard. Certainly up there with the Kemper! And it's such a versatile tone beast despite its simplicity. I hope they keep up with that quality in their future amp sims.

I certainly wouldn't say that Amplitube is "horrible". I do think the models are a bit of hit or miss, and they all have a common character to them. They should have spent more time with each model instead of trying to make so many.
I feel that most of the models really benefit from a good third party impulse response instead of the built in cab modeler. But you can get a lot of perfectly good guitar sounds out of that thing. It's not as realistic, organic and responsive as the UAD Tweed however, which makes it less fun to play with for me. Still a really good value for money in my opinion.
Hmm... maybe I'll have to try the Fender Tweed as well.

You mentioned using other IR's for the cabs in Amplitube. I actually think this is why many people get a bad impression from Amplitube 4. For some reason, many of the amps sound much better with the Ampliube 4 matching cabs, not other IR's. I know the opposite is the case with many other plugins.