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Originally Posted by GeneHall ➡️
Completely agree..I'm absolutely shocked by this list. I have probably half the listed sims and I would not even recommend most of them to an enemy..

TH3 is far and away the only recommendable guitar amp sim.

Please expose the compilist' who put this together for immediate public ridicule.

Clearly I need to try TH3! But I will say, some of the amps in Amplitube 4 are simply amazing. I should have pointed out I can only speak for the ones I use within Amplitube 4, which are mainly the Mesa Boogie Mark IV, a few Marshalls, and a couple Fender Reverb amps. A few of the pedals as well. All of these are the best plugins for these particular amps I've tried so far.

But when it comes to the Mesa Boogie Mark IV in Amplitube, it literally blew me away. I have a real Mesa Mark IV and a Mark V, and I'm telling you, no plugin comes close to how good Amplitube does it. I was so amazed at how much of the real character they captured, because the Mark IV has a very distinct sound on every channel.

It could be that some of the other amps within Amplitube don't sound that good. Maybe those have left people with a bad impression. I don't really use them so I honestly don't know. But if you want to get it just for the Mesa and the Marshall's, I can stand behind that decision 100%. It's definitely worth it just for those two or three amps alone.