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Originally Posted by bobco631 ➡️
Wow . Incredibly off the mark .
Overloud TH3 not even mentioned.
scuffham is great, and really the only competition here, all the rest are just buzzy phasey garbage.
I actually play guitar, a lot , like over 40 years, of JUST guitar playing .
TH3 TH3 TH3!
Wow I seriously don't know what you've been playing. I would think this is so unlikely since you seem to know what you're doing, but I can't help but wonder if something's wrong with the way it's performing on your computer. I can get some AMAZING sounds from Amplitube 4.

If you want an example, I have a real Mesa Boogie Mark IV and V. I also have the Mark IV within Amplitube. I'm telling you, when I record both rhythm and lead tracks, I would be very surprised if you could tell the difference in a blind test.

You may notice there are some slight differences, but you're not going to be able to guess which one is the real thing. I'm serious. I know it being licensed doesn't always mean it's good, but in this case, Mesa Boogie DOES NOT put their name on stuff they don't truly get behind. And in this case, I can see why they were comfortable doing this deal with IK Multimedia.

Also, even the cleaner tones, like with the different Fender Reverbs, sound pretty damn good. Of course they don't just 100% like the real things, no plugin does when it comes to those clean Fender tones. But it's definitely good enough, if you're going to be using a plugin that is.

But alas, I would love for you to give me some specific examples that I could try so I can see what you're talking about. If you can convince me I'm wrong, that will only mean I can find something better and improve my tone. But I've been playing Mesa Boogies for almost 10 years, and so far, Amplitube 4 has the best Mesa plugin I've ever tried or heard.