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Originally Posted by samsistema ➡️
Can anybody say about the difference between the JBL LSR 305 and 308 besides the lower Frequency?
Sometimes I hear the 305 sound a bit better!? I want 8" speakers and Think bout getting the JBL LSR 308 and hope they sound as good as the 305.
Comparing them side by side at my local Guitar Center, the 305 seemed cleaner in the 1000-4000Hz range. (less cone breakup with the 5"?) This was at moderate SPL. The 305 does get over driven more easily than the 308. The better course here is to go with 305 and start saving up for a pair of subwoofers.

I have the M-Audio BX5. If the 305 had been available I would have gone with that and maybe just used the computer's or preamp's internal crossover for the sub. However those crossovers are 12dB/octave. I prefer 24dB per octave Linkwitz-Riley crossovers because they protect the monitors better than 12dB per octave does.

I currently use M-Audio BX5, Rane crossover (150Hz), and dual DIY 18" sealed subs driven by Crown XTi. The crossover point might seem high but it allows the BX5 woofer cone to stay in the magnetic gap at high SPL. The Rane is a 24dB/octave crossover and is better than typical preamp 12dB crossover slope for keeping low bass away from the monitor. Keeping the voice coil of any driver within it's magnetic gap is absolutely critical for getting clean sound.

I do have KRK 10-3 which are very good but they still need subwoofers. I cross them at 100Hz using a preamp's internal bass management.