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Here for the gear
Originally Posted by mervintthomas ➡️
Hey All,

I like The Fluid Audio F5s. If you have the budget, go for the JBL LSR 305s.

The F5s work well in a small room which does not have much treatment.

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I've been looking around for a good set of monitoring speakers and a few of the ones listed here have also been listed as the best studio speakers in other websites. The JBL LSR 305 seems to be a favorite by many so I'm wondering if I should get these monitoring speakers. This one site has listed the KRK Rokit 5 G3 as their best budget studio speakers rather than the LSR 305 so I'm also a bit torn. Have you worked with the Rokit 5 G3's before or do you think I should just go ahead and get the LSR 305?