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Old 13th December 2016
for anyone in this boat like the OP... the first thing you do is contact your district attorney's office to file a formal complaint. If the DA gets enough complaints then the school can be investigated and charges can be brought against them.

Contacting the BBB is also a good idea and file a complaint with them too...they can't do much but it is a record of your complaint.

If the DA or the BBB has a lot of complaints, you could also talk to a lawyer about filing a class action suit on behalf of you and all the other students who have been ripped off.

And to those looking at programs for sound engineering... do not take the salesperson/recruiter's word for it. As to get a log in as a prospective student and see what the job board looks like. See what the curriculum looks like, meet with the teacher first before you pay, tour the facilities, ask to talk to former graduates.

Here's a big one... as what the placement rate is after graduation... as for the rate after 1 year and as for the rate after 5 years. Look for alumni online to corroborate those numbers.

Just really ask lot of questions and be a huge PITA before you sign up... that will start to show you what kind of institution it is. It may not tell you everything but at least it's a start and can give you sense.

Also... I am very strongly in favor of the non-profit schools. Always be wary of any for-profit institutions... because your education and success are secondary to them making money off of you.

I hope the OP is having better luck now that he has been out of the program for a while.