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Old 1st December 2016
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Sanken Stereo SDC microphones

Not much discussion about these interesting, if somewhat unorthodox mics.

Having closed the door on trying to put together a compact Sennheiser MKH 8030/8040 MS setup, I started poking around for other alternatives beyond the obvious.

Sanken's CMS-2, and CUW-180 are two alternatives.

I'm less inclined towards the XY mic for reasons of size, but the MS mic is especially interesting.

One single mic, stereo MS. Physical dimensions and weight would keep it well below a pair of MKH 30/40, which seems to be the reference around here for good MS.

I invite anyone here with comments or insight to weigh in. Hearsay, secondhand anecdotes, and base speculation are okay!

Actual firsthand experience would be prized!