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Originally Posted by jbuonacc ➡️
man, i think you're the one who's personally offended. i just think you're a bit delusional. get a grip. you're the one making all the witty little remarks about the clones in the other threads.

i'm sure glad my happiness doesn't depend on owning some over-priced status symbol just to get THIS sound. i'd be pretty upset if i had to pay current prices to buy another SH-101 or Juno just to get THAT sound. f'ck that, plenty of great synths out there. also, i don't think any of your tracks show any significant example of why you're so much off better for owning the original (and paying way too much for it). especially that high BPM crap you like to do, ffs. i will say do like your tracks in general though, and your enthusiasm for the style.
are you mad? I never said I am better for anything, re read my previous posts. actually I am quite humble relating my musical skills.
I don't give a f.uck if you would buy the 101 or not, I don't care at all what instruments you are using and why or why not so you don't need to share all about you and your clones and emulations with me.
you are obviously a software guy, so enjoy your tal plugin I enjoy my sh101 in hardware no matter if you think that you are the smart guy because you saved some money thinking about which emulation is the best

P.S. fast bpm crap isn't for everyone

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