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I use a SADiE system at work to record/edit dialogue for a cartoon series. I will be mixing it down too, but we haven't hit that production stage!

Oh, this is about REAPER. SOrry

Outside of work, I'm a musician, with a number of recording project on the go at any given time. I've been trialing a few different DAW programs for home use lately - I actually picked up an Mbox a while back, but I'm finding Pro Tools far too restrictive in terms of expandability. Having to pay extra for the ability to use VST plugins, or export an MP3, that sort of thing. After trying REAPER, and realising how much more performance it can eke out of my hardware, I've found myself going to it more and more for demo work etc. Recently I did a clean re-install of my system and didn't even bother to load Pro Tools back on.

Hmm, must be about time to register!

I'm pretty much using REAPER as a virtual tape machine/mixer... I don't do any loop based stuff, and my MIDI work has been limited to recording performances & minor fine tuning. I like to render my MIDI tracks to audio once the performance is done, and I really like that REAPER can have MIDI & wave data co-existing on a track. You can Apply the FX as a new take & mute the VSTi, but still have the MIDI data there if you need to tweak later.

I don't have anything online that was done with REAPER, as I'm still very much transitioning into the program... However my band's CD was produced in Cubase SX using much the same workflow. Audio (and video) clips can be found at

I'm trying to convince the rest of the guys to go with REAPER this time around