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I use it for both recording our live rehearsals/jams (which is why I like things like being able to arm/unarm tracks/change their inputs while recording), as well as composing and recording songs (using both real instruments and softsynths). I'm not a great musician, though...

Here's our live recordings:
(which also has a nifty web interface via )

Here's the band that I'm in with Christophe and Brennan (when we all feel like it):

And here are a few tracks produced with reaper, and done mostly via distributed collaboration with a friend of mine who lives on the east coast (these are some of my favorites):

OK, so I'm a better programmer than musician.. but I enjoy both tremendously


P.S. This is probably pipelineaudio's request, too, but I'd love to hear what other GS people who use REAPER are doing, too...