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I tried the included sequences and it really made me wish that Synth1 had preset morphing built in so I could do stuff like this more easily. I'd love to own a Nord Lead 2 just because of it's morphing feature.

Your Synth1 review was also a very interesting thing to read and I have to agree with most of it. It's refreshing to see a very different type of review to what most reviews these days seem to be, especially on magazines. I wish more people did critical reviews in a similar style to yours, every product simply can't be a 9 or 10.

I agree that it's a big minus that the developer doesn't respond to emails. I emailed him a few years back and asked for better mod options but I never got a reply.
It might be that he doesn't speak English so well because it's not his native language, or maybe he is tired of getting so many emails? Unfortunately I've used to people not replying my emails, even some people that I consider being my friends do this. Of course I have been guilty of doing so myself too!
Another minuses for this synth is the horrible looking GUI looks and the modulation side that is lacking big time.

"...Synth1 will do the job and there is a chance that you'll become a better programmer over time and write better music 'using' its limitations."

Reading this made me smile as it was just recently that I finished one of my better tracks using mostly simple Synth1 patches. It might not be the fattest sounding synth out there but for some reason it's usually easy to fit in the mix and it also layers well with itself or other synths. It's also fantastic synth to be used on old computers with built in soundcards (using asio4all) because it uses so few CPU cycles. On my laptop it's using about 0.15-0.30% / voice @ 96khz sample rate.

There is something about the S1 sound that I really like. Even though I got some of the most hyped payware synths in my arsenal I still keep coming back to Synth1.

There are so many S1 soundbanks available that sometimes I wish I had an analog polysynth that could open them :D

I also agree with you on the stability. I don't remember S1 ever crashing during all these years when I have been using it.