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Originally Posted by orange ➡️
Hi Justin,

Welcome to the forum. I've a few Reaper related questions that I'd be interested in your answers too. They might be better split across a few different threads but I'll ask them anyway.

What is the roadmap for Reaper ? how do you see it developing and where do you see it in 12 months time ?
We have a (private) document that is in constant flux which is a list of things to do and things to consider doing, with respect to new features and functionality.

In general, though, our roadmap is simply to keep improving the usability and performance, while adding new things that we consider useful.

For the most part we build things that we would want to use (and indeed, we use the software we make a LOT, which is essential IMO), but we do remain very open minded to others' needs, and once we understand them and find a way to adapt it into our visions, then we integrate. Often times people ask for one thing, but to make it all coherent we give them something slightly different that ends up working as well.


What are you planning for the midi side of Reaper ?
If I were to refer to the previously mentioned document, which I won't bother, you'd see a bunch of stuff on there including: input quantizing, groove quantization, inline editing, assignable keys in the midi editor, support for multiple midi buses per track, more JS MIDI fx...


If you were to visualise a 'typical' user of Reaper would you be thinking of a Protools engineer or a bedroom hobbiest ?
Typical is a tough thing to visualize--by pure numbers bedroom hobbyists probably dominate, but that being said we have quite a few users who use REAPER in studios, broadcast recording, and so forth.

Our real goal is to make something that is as useful and usable for both ends of the spectrum.


Do you see Reaper as competiton for the established sofware companies (Steinberg, Avid etc.) ? if so which ones ?
I suppose, and I guess it would be to all of them-- however, we don't look at "competing" the same way as many of the established software companies. Our goal is to provide the best possible product to our users. There are a lot of areas where we are certainly playing catch up to them, but at the same time hopefully some of the nice things that REAPER provides will encourage them to follow.

What proaudio software do you use yourself ?
I've mostly used Logic, Acid, and Vegas. Now I pretty much use REAPER exclusively

You're probably aware that Reaper has attracted quite a lot of heated debate on Gearslutz and other forums. How do you feel about this ? was it a suprise ?
It's great to see people excited about something that you've created! When people criticize REAPER (which is inevitable), I appreciate when that criticism has good merit and is constructive. We pay close attention to discussion relating to it so that we can address (sooner or later) peoples problems.

....thanks for any replies. I'm sure I think of more things to ask over the next couple of weeks.
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