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A few opening questions about Reaper

Hi Justin,

Welcome to the forum. I've a few Reaper related questions that I'd be interested in your answers too. They might be better split across a few different threads but I'll ask them anyway.

What is the roadmap for Reaper ? how do you see it developing and where do you see it in 12 months time ?

What are you planning for the midi side of Reaper ?

If you were to visualise a 'typical' user of Reaper would you be thinking of a Protools engineer or a bedroom hobbiest ?

Do you see Reaper as competiton for the established sofware companies (Steinberg, Avid etc.) ? if so which ones ?

What proaudio software do you use yourself ?

You're probably aware that Reaper has attracted quite a lot of heated debate on Gearslutz and other forums. How do you feel about this ? was it a suprise ?

....thanks for any replies. I'm sure I think of more things to ask over the next couple of weeks.