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Hi I honestly think digital audio, certainly in my world has at least equalled if not surpassed the quality of analogue. I have a 100metre snake as a minimum to get audio from stage to FOH position and back again. With digital network there is no lose of quality over that distance or a 2km over fibre. However is you send analogue over copper for 100metres you just add a massive LPF to everything at best and distortions and interference at worst.
I'm sure in studio world that argument is raging but in live sound I never see anyone mixing international acts on an analogue board. Well, my mate M.C on Muse does, but apart from him...
I know the whole analogue/digital thing is like a faith test for some people out there but you asked and thats my humble and pragmatic opinion.
I don't use 35mm film in my camera either :-)