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Big backline versus big vocals

Hi Robb,

I have often wondered what became of you. I'm a die hard Manics fan and have followed them for years and often wondered why you were no longer behind the desk on many of the recent tours - Now I know

I've literally lost count of how many times I've seen the Manics live but back around the time of the 'This is my truth' tour right through to the early 2000's I was always astonished at how you were able to find the balance between having really larger than life drums, bass and guitar sounds (particularly the snare drum) while still being able to maintain a strong and robust vocal sound that never felt dwarfed by what was going on around it.
Something I struggle with at times as a FOH mixer is being able to maintain a strong vocal sound while still ensuring that the rest of the band sounds big and powerful, when required of course, so I'd be keen to know if there's any particular processes or techniques you employed while working with the Manics specifically that helped you achieve these things in the mix.

Great to hear that all is going well with you and many thanks for taking the time to do this!