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Hi Haryy
I spent twenty years of my life mixing on XL3s and 4s with loads of boutique outboard analogue compressors, tape delays, etc. I switched to digital around 2005 and haven't even considered going back. Virtual soundcheck and plugins improved my workflow so much that I can't imagine how I managed to cope without them. Asking a drummer in a hugely successful band to go round and round their toms whilst I got a sound up seems unthinkable these days. I can choose a roll in the Protools session now and loop it and work for as long as i need to nail the sound. The granularity of detail I can achieve with snapshots and virtual soundcheck more than makes up for any real or imagined advantage that a piece of analogue kit can provide. I remember around about the beginning of the century watching the lighting guys desk get smaller and smaller even though the lights were getting more complex; spinning and changing colour and shape. He'd be on the bus drinking the good wine whilst I was still packing away my massive FOH set up. I consciously set about learning all I could about digital audio, took a few courses did some studying because it seemed obvious to me that the world was changing and the digital revolution would sweep through audio as well. Probably the best decision I ever made. I respect other peoples decision to work with analogue desks live but I honestly couldn't begin to imagine how I would mix a Massive Attack, Coldplay or Alt J show with the complex resets involved between or during songs on an analogue mixer and FX set up.