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Old 6th September 2016
Here for the gear
Sorry it's not working well for ya Dockins! M-Ref is my baby

We just shipped our very first run of the M-Ref's so there is still some growing pains. We're releasing a new build of our emulation software this week which fixes a bug that caused some problems with the matching. Its current build is close but yeah definitely not emulating as intended! Keep an eye out for that update email, you'll be pleased with the corrections Im sure.

As a side note to save some people some time, the iPhone speaker itself wired up wont sound anything like an iPhone (and will need a gain boost). I have about 100 iPhone 4 speakers and spent a lot of R&D time with them. The iPhone OS has a ton of DSP to pump that tiny speaker up and sound awesome in its enclosure. You would have to create a DSP chain of your own and attempt to match it. Definitely possibly but a lot of work. It's one of the M-Ref's value props we do this process for you for dozens of devices and whenever new devices come out so you dont have to :P