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Originally Posted by Scratcher ➡️
You'll get a lot of mileage out from synths & sequencers on iOS.

I dunno, why would I buy an ipad when I have a computer already? I've never owned a tablet, I don't understand the attraction, except they seem to be cheaper than computers. I've tried them a few times and even basic stuff like typing seems very slow and cumbersome on them. A mouse is much more accurate than a big finger too, you can precisely set virtual knob and slider values.

It's possible I'm just missing something crucial though.


The Rytm is great, but so is an MPC at a lower cost.
MPC's are one option (and I actually have an MPC2000 in my possession, though I don't own it). It's a very different kind of machine though. No synthesis inside the machine, horribel filters no effects, no real-time control of filters or anything due to lack of knobs, the sequencer is very different than the marvellous Elektron sequencer etc etc. It's fun for finger banging rhythms in, but editing sequences is so difficult that I never even do it, I just play stuff over and over again until I like it, so making even simple sequences takes a lot of time compared to an Elektron as I'm not a real musician who can nail down beautiful rhythms in one take.

I know it's not the only MPC model out there and the JJOS makes them closer to Elektrons or other X0x-style sequencers. The newer models tend to be pretty expensive though, for example there's an MPC1000 for sale locally atm and it's 600€ and doesn't even include the JJOS. Of course that's a lot less than an AR, but the AR is a much more capable machine than the MPC1000 IMO.