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Old 14th July 2016
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I have Eve SC307 at my place, and at the studio I work very often we have Focal Twins, so I guess I can have my opinion even if I never compared them side by side. They sound different, but on the same level IMO. Focals sound almost dark, but never lack any detail, the Eves are more exciting, but still natural. I never had any bad surprise when switching from one to another (usually I record on Focals and then mix on Eves). I had a lot of doubts when we had PMC TwoTwo5 with matching sub at the studio, they were bright, sharp, with hard to judge stereo field. I also had Focals CMS40 for over a year, mixed 20-30 albums solely on them, they translated well. I prefer more exciting and engaging monitoring for mixing right now, and ribbons give me that, but they are not better or worse than Focal inverted dome. The best part? Eve SC307 is almost half the price of Focal Twins, even if they have the same drivers size. So if you thinking about spending more, you can pick SC305 (3-way) for the same price as CMS65, and then it will really be no contest in favor of Eve.